As the online advertising industry continues to redefine itself daily and experience exponential growth, publishers must keep their fingers on the pulse of what's next on the net. If you are focusing efforts on Web 2.0 today, you've already been left in the dust.

Working with RGM allows publishers to focus on the development and creation of their website while RGM takes the reins on all things advertising. RGM prides itself in being viewed more as part of the companies we partner with. We work with our publishers as co-workers and teammates, striving to maximize revenue generation and provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service, performance, and satisfaction.

Currently RGM provides two types of representation dependant on publishers specific needs.


RGM Provides a complete outsourced sales solution, offering all elements needed to generate revenue and run a successful advertising sales department.


RGM works to complement the efforts of the publishers existing sales force, handling specific accounts and geographic regions. The primary goal is to identify revenue-generating areas publishers are not currently capitalizing on and increase the sites profitability.



"Razavi Global Media has done an excellent job representing for online ad sales. They consistently exceed our expectations and are passionate about what they do. We have benefited greatly from our association with them."

Sallie Fraenkel



"RGM has sold more advertising in two months than my other leading media rep. has been able to sell in two years."

George Deeb



"RGM has been a tremendous asset to Luxury Link. We frankly thought it sounded too good to be true, but in less than 3 weeks our goals for advertising sales were exceeded for the quarter. Any media outlet interested in generating immediate sales and/or building an online sales department would do well to consider RGM's sales and consulting practice."

Diane McDavitt